Bishop William L. Harper

Jurisdictional Prelate


Bishop William L. Harper is an anointed pastor and teacher with a commitment to fulfilling God's purpose in his life. He has served as Pastor of the Christ Community Temple Church of God In Christ for 33 Years.  Early in his walk with God, he learned the importance of prayer. He credits the success of his ministry to God's favor, prayer and living a life of holiness. Bishop Harper believes that faith in God, prayer, holiness and the anointing of the Holy Ghost will bring anyone into a place of favor and blessings from God.

Under the leadership of Dr. William L. Harper, Jr., the members of Christ Community Temple have witnessed the Lord bring the vision of this ministry to pass. On July 18, 1993 the church relocated from 2849 N. Euclid (a seating capacity of 217), to 3500 Norwood Avenue, a new sanctuary built from the ground which seats eight hundred and twenty five (825). The new church is equipped with class rooms, administrative offices, kitchen and an overflow facility.

The church has continued to grow with more and more souls being won to the Lord, an increase in membership and new ministries initiated by Bishop Harper. Ministries such as the Annual Family and Friends Fellowship Weekend; media ministry; power of faith radio broadcast, a food pantry (serving the homeless and needy families) and benevolent outreach ministry; the purchase of property for housing for a Community Resource Ministry; creation of the Men Fellowship support group; a Youth and Women Retreat; acquisition and extensive use of computer/multi media technology for Church business and worship services; organization of the Youth and Children Ministries to include specified services for children, teens, and young adults; an Annual Youth for Christ Parade that witnesses the power of God in the lives of youth in the inner city.


Dr. Harper was consecrated as Auxiliary Bishop in Eastern Missouri First Jurisdiction during the 105th Holy Convocation of The Church of God in Christ. The Hand of the Lord continues to be upon him.


Dr. Harper is a man of vision. He has a vision of a thriving ministry for all ages, children, youth, young adults and seniors.

On April 11, 2005 the doors of the Christ Community Temple Community Family Life Center were opened. Pastor Harper worked with city officials and community leaders for the unfolding of this vision. The Community Family Life Center provides care, training and support to the families in the St. Louis community where we serve. The Community Family Life Center offer classes that include:

·         Job Preparedness Training

·         Money Management

·         Home Ownership

·         Home Management

·         Financial Budget Training

·         Health Care

The center offers job training for our neighborhood youths between the ages of 18-25 and partners with local businesses to ensure the appropriate job transition.  It reaches out to the children and elderly within the St. Louis community.